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This is not < Chicks With> There is no sexual content or nude pix. Any pics on this site are STRICTLY for personal growth, confidence-building, and yes, VANITY. Enough said...


Welcome to my therapy. I am an MtF transsexual living in Missouri. I have established this site as a form of therapy as I prepare for transition..

On this lil' upstart site, I'll introduce myself and talk about my reasons for doing this. Transitions come in all shapes and sizes from school graduation/work, changing jobs, or a butterfly in it's cocoon. None are insignificant, in comparison to each other. THEY SIMPLY MUST BE!!!

Food for thought:

I recently attended a transgender march in Washington D.C. On the way to the airport, I heard this man in a turban say, " A mind is like a parachute...It only works when it's open." Think about it!

It appears that a lot of transgender people have a site such as this. In an attempt to NOT duplicate any of their work, which, if you're like me and want to see SOMETHING, anything different. So, I am trying to make this site to be educational with ALL the usual links to Benjamin Standards, TG Resource pages, Alternative comics, and online TG groups. I even added my own personal web-log, which I'll be the first to say it's rough around the edges as I am the farthest thing from an author. But, the content therein is uninhibited REALITY.

So, please look around and feel free to critique this to death. I welcome ANY AND ALL comments, whether they are shared by me or not. When the day comes that I don't learn something new, I will quit this and start politics. Neither will happen!!!!!! LOL!

Kassies' 1st Birthday
Kelly took me to a BDSM group for my 34th birthday. I tried to model some fetish gear.

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I would like to impart some advice:

How the next generation of Transpeople are accepted, will be dependent on the examples WE set today !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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